Cleaning The Liver And Gall Bladders From Cumulative Poisons


The liver is the only part of the body supplied with blood from two places. It regenerates the fastest from all of the organs and has over 500 functions including:

  • It processes the digested food from the small intestine
  • Controls the level of fat, amino acids and glucose
  • Fights infections in the body
  • Clears the blood of particles and infections including bacteria
  • Neutralizes and destroys drugs and toxins
  • Produces bile
  • Stores iron, vitamins and other essential substances
  • Decomposes food turning it into energy
  • Produces, corrupts and regulates numerous hormones including sex hormones
  • Produces enzymes and proteins that are responsible for most of the chemical reactions in the body, for example those involved in blood coagulation and repairing damaged tissues

Cleaning helps to restore and rejuvenate the liver that is exhausted whether by regional pollution, poor eating habits or disease. The cleaning helps to restore a healthy balance and assist in the disappearance of the bad habits of health. Just some of the benefits of cleansing the liver: healthier skin, better digestion, mental clarity, boosted immunity, blood sugar, weight loss and reduced cellulite, improved cardiovascular function, enhanced libido, less body aches etc…


50 g bitter salt (magnesium sulfate) or 4 tablespoons
150 ml of cold pressed olive oil
200 ml juice of fresh red grapefruit (citrus 2-3)

How to use :

Mix all ingredients together. Let it stay overnight and the next morning drink a few sips of it on empty stomach. You should drink it again before bedtime. You should have enough of the drink for 2 days so it is best to split the drink in 4 equal cups.



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