The disgusting truth about cruise liners

Britain Titanic

Thinking about taking a nice cruise over the holiday period? If you decide on it you’ll be one of about 20 million people who hop on the giant floating hotels every year.
And while it’s surely an incredibly relaxing way of spending some cash and searing in a sunglass tan before heading back to the office, it turns out cruise liners are even worse for the environment than you thought.
Here are some sobering facts from the Friends of the Earth, who graded 16 cruise liners on four environmental factors.
Each year cruise ships dump 3,78 billion litres of sewage into the ocean.
That number is difficult to get your head around, so think of it this way… A single 3000-person cruise liner generates 568,000 litres of sewage per week, which is enough to fill 10 backyard swimming pools.
To reiterate, that’s one cruise ship every week. As you’d expect, lots of sea creatures (particularly manatees off the Florida coast) are dying very stinky and unpleasant deaths that’s to this vast and crappy gift.
And according to the US EPA, each day an average cruise ship is at sea it emits more sulfur dioxide than 13 million cars and more soot than 1 million cars.

Have a look at the full findings here



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