You Don’t Eat Meat!? How Do You Get Your Protein?: Pumpkin Seeds Versus Beef

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Pumpkin Seeds have 24,54 grams of protein | Beef has 26,55 grams of protein

Those who have stopped (or never had been) eating beef can get, gram for gram, practically the same amount of protein with pumpkin seeds as this notoriously known protein-rich meat, less all of the gmo feed, drugs, & hormones injected into these creatures that are raised for years & slaughtered simply for one simple meal that is easily forgotten. The protein in seeds is also much more easily broken down and digested within the body. 1/2 a cup of pumpkin seeds provides you with 92 % of your RDA of magnesium (America’s #1 mineral deficiency, which is responsible for over 300 known bodily processes).

Pumpkin seeds: are high in zinc (which battles osteoporosis); lower depression (due to l-tryptophan within, which is the precursor to serotonin); and are immensely rich in an array of vitamins & minerals. The next time your doctor recommends that you eat artery-clogging meat for protein, know that you have a true alternative that spares you of much upcoming pain & bodily conflict. Pumpkin seeds actually lower cholesterol, instead of raising it. It’s quite unfortunate that the Canadian and American Medical Associations don’t teach doctors this information. It really could change a lot of people’s lives for the better and also spare them thousands and thousands of dollars in medical expenses in the long run when they recommend eating meat for protein, which has been proven time and time again to cause heart disease. These protein comparisons come from a 100 g serving of both items. | Organic, unprocessed pumpkin seeds found at your local health store (or online) can be added / blended to smoothies, casseroles, sprinkled on salads, topped in yogurt, added to oatmeal, eaten by themselves, and any other way your appetite can imagine. Pumpkin seeds are a far healthier & equal source of protein compared to beef. Pick up a nice supply at your local health store and enjoy the MANY benefits they offer us!



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    An amazing snack to have at your desk!


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