Daily Consumption of Soda Increases Aggressive Prostate Cancer Risk By 40%


A Swedish study coming out of Lund University that was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the associations between carbohydrates and their food sources with regards to prostate cancer risk. The study used over 8000 men ages 45-73 who were all in good health. It was found that sugary drinks increased the risk of the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer. Researchers found that men who drank 200 ml of soda each day were more likely to develop prostate cancer. The research also found that men consuming a high amount of carbohydrates from wheat, rice and pasta increased their risk of developing milder forms of prostate cancer by 31 percent. Also, men consuming sugary breakfast cereals saw a 385 increase in developing milder forms of prostate Cancer. Don’t forget about aspartame, Aspartame has been linked to brain damage, leukemia and lymphoma. Aspartame is usually found in diet soda, and increased the risk of leukemia by 42 percent.

It’s not just Lund University, another study from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health found that 87 percent of over 60000 test subjects were likely to develop pancreatic cancer.

Soda is probably one of the worst beverages any living thing on the planet can consume. The average amount of soda consumed by Americans is over 50 gallons a year per person, that’s ridiculous. A 42 oz super-sized soda contains 477 calories, 123 grams of sugar and 52 mg of sodium. A small 16oz soda alone contains 182 calories, 47 grams of sugar and 20 mg of sodium. It’s the single largest source of added sugar and empty calories in the modern American diet. It’s also the leading cause of childhood obesity in the United States. Soda has been linked to increased risk of heart disease among men, high triglycerides among women and an increased risk for aggressive behavior in kids. It can spike insulin levels in the body, and increase belly fat as well as the risk of diabetes. It has no nutritional value, and can lead to obesity and cavities, but really, we all knew how bad soda is for us, didn’t we? Major food corporations specialize in the creation addictive substances.

source: http://www.collective-evolution.com


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