7 Foods To Eat When You’re Upset


Baked potato: it’s delicious, and loaded with incredible health benefits. Potatoes are a complex carb. They’re rich in Vitamin B complex, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Just don’t order French fries!

Grilled cheese on whole wheat bread: gives you carbs plus calcium, a mood-bettering, energizing combination.

Apple and peanut butter. A great combo of carbs and protein: satisfying, energy-boosting and nourishing for the brain. The perfect comfort food!

A cup of buckwheat noodles tossed in pesto and topped with stir-fried veggies. Low in calories, they give you carbohydrates and proteins. Besides, they fill you up nicely and taste great.

A bowl of spinach soup or, if you want to make a meal of it, whole wheat pasta baked with spinach. Spinach is rich in serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter. And of course, spinach lavishes you with vital minerals that restore energy levels, too.

A banana. Loaded with potassium and the B complex vitamins, bananas are a proven anti-sadness fruit. They calm down your heartbeat and control blood pressure, thus steadying you after an unpleasant episode. A delicious way to enjoy bananas is to slice them in roundels, squeeze some lemon juice on them, and toss them in a little sea salt. Bonus: citrus increases energy and feels very refreshing!

Walnuts: munching on walnuts feels very comforting, as we all know. The great thing is, they are known to nurture the brain, and an Arizona State University Study shows the Omega-3  fatty acids in them make you feel happier.

Of course there are foods to avoid when you’re angry:

Coffee can make us cranky. When I drink too much coffee it tends to make me jumpy and quicker to open my mouth. Do you have something worth saying or will it just hurt someone else's feelings? Could you frame your argument more compassionately? Coffee gives us a high with so much energy sometimes we don't know where to put it. Stay balanced by switching to green tea or yerba mate. Both supply a boost while keeping you calm and collected.

Tomatoes. The ancient science of Ayurveda says that tomatoes are a heating food, which can cause anger. If you're prone to reacting in anger, you're likely at least partially a pitta dosha, the element made of fire. A little fire is good, it leads to better digestion. But too much fire leads to anger and the side effects of anger like stress and the resulting guilt.

Spicy peppers again heat the body up and if you're already heated, you don't need anything else to help fuel the flame. Pitta dosha is aggravated during the summer time. Restore and maintain balance by avoiding this heating food when it's already hot outside.

Wheat and Milk Products. The main allergic response to wheat and casein in milk products can be brain inflammation, which causes hostility according to BeWellBuzz. Casein, which is found in dairy and gluten in wheat, has been linked to aggression.


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