Resveratrol. New chance for your health


The French get their Resveratrol from red wine. But you can get the heart-healthy benefits of Resveratrol from supplements… and without the alcohol, sulfites, headaches or high calories.

If you’ve been following the health benefits of red wine then you most certainly have heard of resveratrol. It’s the so-called “longevity factor” chemical that researchers have discovered in red wine. It is also said to prevent fat in the bloodstream from sticking together and clogging the arteries.

Resveratrol is a compound often associated with the health benefits of red wine, because of its powerful antioxidant and cardioprotectant properties. It promotes cardiovascular health through its antioxidant action and its ability to promote healthy platelet function and maintain healthy arachidonic acid metabolism. Resveratrol is derived from one of the richest known sources, Polygonum cuspidatum, an herb utilized for centuries.

Other research has shown that resveratrol can block the actions of carcinogens by inhibiting the initiation and proliferation of diseased cells and thus causing pre-cancerous cells to revert to normal.

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant found in red wine and red grape skins, thought to protect against a range of illnesses and diseases including neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or other dementias, cancer and heart disease. According to Hoffman, this is the first time a systematic study of resveratrol levels in a range of wines has been carried out.

Much has been written about this unique nutrient that comes from grapes skins. Researchers believe it is because of Resveratrol’s small molecules, it is easily absorbed, can pass through cell walls and can enter the cell’s nucleus to deliver its biological benefits. Resveratrol is rich in rich in ellagic acid and polyphenols, for an extra boost in antioxidant activity which is crucial to the immune system and to good health.

How, then, can we slow or reverse this process? Resveratrol a chemical found in red wine, as well as certain nuts, peanut butter, and grapes, appears to activate the sirtuins so that they function more efficiently and are better able to continue with gene regulation, thus slowing the aging process.

Flavonoids, from many plant sources have long been observed to have antioxidant activity with potential benefits for living longer. Trans-Resveratrol is a potent phenolic antioxidant found in grapes and red wine that also has antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory activity.

The french who have a diet high in fats also have a low incidence of people who have heart disease. This is called the French Paradox. Many companies have jumped on the band wagon and are now selling Resveratrol supplements. These supplements vary in potency based on the grapes they come from and what % of Resveratol they have in them. The resveratrol content of wine is also related to the length of time the grape skins are present during the fermentation process. Thus the concentration is significantly higher in red wine than in white wine, because the skins are removed earlier during white-wine production, lessening the amount that is extracted.



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